Verjuice Pure, unfermented juice of unripened grapes. Selected parcels of semillon grapes are crushed and refined for clarity to produce a lightly acidic, culinary alternative to lemon juice, white wine or vinegar.

Serve ‘Zig's' Verjuice to guests, diluted to taste with iced water, as a crisp, refreshing non-alcoholic apéritif.

Shiraz Sauce: Juice of shiraz grapes sweetened with cane sugar and reduced to a viscous ruby red sauce.

Delicious swirled over poached berry fruits and served with a scoop of fine ice-cream, or as an accompaniment to chocolate of any kind. A very adult, non-alcoholic treat, that may be served to youthful members of the family.

Olives: ‘Kara Kara Estate' home cured olives are prepared by the traditional method using pure ingredients. Fresh olives are soaked in water which is refreshed several times to remove bitterness, cured in salt brine, and bottled in a salt and verjuice brine. The result is a delicately salted compliment for good bread and fine cheeses .

Chutneys, Jellies & Pastes

A delicious array of homemade jams, preserves, sauces are available at our cellar door.

Choose from quince paste and jelly, spiced shiraz jelly and sauce, crab apple, pomegranate, fejoa and more. Attractively bottles and labeled for gift giving.